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There are so many people out there that can provide hosting for you and all are about the same price point, as a beginner you need something that’s easy to manage and has amazing support so they can help jump on to your site and fix any errors that may occur.

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You can go straight to blogger and have a blog up and running within a couple of hours that’s the route I took when I first entered the blogging world and created my space on the net. It wasn’t long till I realised that the theme wasn’t the most professional looking and so explained why people weren’t buying through my links. It looked thrown together and also it was wide open to hacking, as soon as I realised I had external links pointing to adult sites I downloaded the files and moved them to a more secure platform.

I tried Bluehost, Wix and Siteground after the Blogger fiasco, Bluehost I stumbled on after falling on a blog written by a Bluehost affiliate and it sounded amazing and was drawn to it straight away $300 later I was setting up a site completely confused about what I was doing since I was used to the Blogger platform.

Don’t forget your end goal is to build something that will give you passive income (income while you sleep).

The top hosting sites are:






Square Space

They all pretty much do the same thing however as you will expect from a free platform like Blogger you do not own the content and so if they decided to shut the site down then you also get shut down. You are also limited on themes and appearance which can hinder you depending on what your are blogging about. Your blog is also not as secure as with a hosting site.

You cannot go wrong with Bluehost or Siteground as the technical support that you receive is fantastic which you will need even if you go for a simple site with drag and drop build function. Wix, Weebly and Squarespare I found to be more complex and even though WordPress through either Bluehost or Siteground can be tricky for a beginner the support team walk you through and often fix the issue for you.

I would highly recommend Siteground if you do not know much about website building as they will have you up and running within a few hours and the support is there for you from the off. I personally have the Go Geek version and this is due to hosting several personal websites along with a business website. You will get to that stage where you have multi websites as it’s a great way to funnel your traffic through to another web property you have.



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