Choosing Your Niche


Be careful of choosing your niche, it does need to be something you have passion about or a subject that you would class yourself as an expert in. The reason being is that your audience needs to gain trust in you to want to continue to read your posts and understand and want to know more about you and your subject/product. Even with a website and regular visitors you are building up a subscriber list who you can then continually market to.

Choosing your niche

You could blog on fashion and send a newsletter to your subscribers about a fantastic sale event which incorporates the brands that you love to wear.

You could be an amazing cook and one of your cookware brands are on offer at a store you’re affiliated to, if your subscribers believe in you they are likely to trust your recommendations and use your links to buy.

You could be a teacher and want to train people in a subject where you can link your blog to a YouTube channel and be paid commission on monetising your channel. Alternatively you could use Vimeo and have a subscription only channel linked to your blog so that subscribers will see your premium training content.

Your niche needs to be a subject that you can link products to so that it’s relevant to the readers and they will have a reason to buy.

Think about what you passions are:

Are you a collector of anything?

Have you solved a problem you can share?

Do you have a skill you would like to share with people?

Is your life full of disasters and hilarious moments that you can write about and capture with pictures?

Do you know plenty of hacks to help people in life.

This is the only difficult part of becoming a blogger and one you really need to spend some time thinking about.

Once you have chosen your niche and brainstormed where you want to go with it you can start to think about what domain names may be relevant.


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